The Armour of Peace (Pt 1)


“For I the Lord your God hold your right hand; I am the Lord, Who says to you, Fear not; I will help you!” (Isaiah 41:13).

The third piece of Armour for spiritual battle is the shoes of the gospel of peace.(Ephesians 6:15). A Roman soldier will not go to battle with a flimsy, worn-out or even fanciful shoes. If he does, he will be signing up for trouble as he will not have a balanced and strong firm grip on his feet. A soldier who is not firm and steady on his feet in the midst of battle can become a prey for the enemy and it can cost him his life. For this reason, a Roman soldier’s foot wear was specially designed for the battle front.

Even so, in life how strong and balanced we are on our feet, determine how stable we are. How comfortable we are on our feet determines how far and how fast we can go. In spiritual dimension, the same equation applies. As Christians God has provided us with the ‘right shoes’ in His Word for the spiritual battle we are in. The Word of God will keep us strong and steady and progressing in every area of life.

No doubt the enemy will not stop at any opportunity to ensnare us with his lies and deception but God is ever faithful and every ready to help us. The gates of heaven are open 24/7 to aid us in this warfare, to keep our feet from slipping. God is able to turn our impossible situations into miracle opportunities, causing us to leap over every limiting wall of Satan!

My friend, are you in ensnared with doubt and discouragement over your circumstances? Does it look like a dead end with your finances? Maybe, you are facing a crippling disease with no hope for a cure and you are emotionally bankrupt. Perhaps you have a child hooked on drugs and going no where in life. Yes, the natural thing when we are in situations like this, is to look to ourselves for help.

But God wants us to look to Him. If we can learn something about SUPERNATURAL VICTORY, we can learn it so well from the Psalmist, David. He never lost a battle! Because David was very skilled at turning to God for help. And God never failed him! Beloved, don’t allow the devil to steal your peace anymore! God is able to give you a supernatural victory too in that situation! All you need is, to humble yourself before God and ask for it in Jesus name.

Prayer Confession: Heavenly Father thank you that I am never alone for you have promised to never leave nor forsake me. I’m so thankful that when all hopes are gone I can turn to You. Lord you are my help. I will trust in your word and your power to save me from the snares of the enemy. My feet will not slip in Jesus name, for the Lord is my keeper. I take authority over fear and discouragement. I declare the Lord is my strength, I will not stagnate in life but I shall mount up with wings as eagles. I shall run and not be weary, I shall walk and not faint because the greater one lives in me. By faith, in Jesus name I am more than a conqueror. Amen!

Reflection: “My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth.  He will not allow your foot to slip or to be moved; He Who keeps you will not slumber.”   (Psalm 121:2-3).

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  • I love this! Thank you for being such a powerful, inspiring woman of God

    • Lionel thank you for your kind comment. Blessings on your day!