What Season Are You In?

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Pharaoh said to Joseph, “I hereby put you in charge of the entire land of Egypt.” (Genesis 41:41).

Do you know what season you are in? Do you know that there is God’s favour for every season we go through in life? In the worst of times, all you need is God’s favour to turn the tide. When things look impossible and you remain faithful, God will surprise you with His favour. He will swing open the doors that people say are impossible! Everyone mightily used by the Lord in the Bible experienced the favour of God.

The story of Joseph is one classic example out of many. (From Genesis 37-50). Joseph was disliked by his brothers because he was favored by his father, and for speaking about his dream (a destiny of greatness), even though he was the youngest of them all. His brothers mocked him, they were jealous and resentful of him. They plotted to kill him but God worked in Joseph’s favour, and instead of killing him, he was sold into slavery in Egypt.

In slavery, the devil fought his destiny at every turn. Joseph went from one “pit to another” yet, Joseph remained faithful to God and he was diligent in the tasks set before him by his masters. Because of this, God rewarded him with favour in every difficult situation. The Lord blessed Joseph so that everything he touched blossomed. And so, Joseph prospered in every season whilst serving as a slave in a foreign land. The Lord lifted him out of every pit the devil dug for him, eventually, Joseph became the prime minister in the nation of his captivity. That can only be God!

The destination to our destiny is often a painful journey. When God calls you to a task, you should be ready to face oppositions and challenges from “within and without.” But as you remain faithful, the Lord who is faithful to keep covenant will fight for you. He will turn everything thrown by the devil to harm you into good. Beloved be encouraged, as you keep your focus on Jesus, setting your face on the joy set before you (Hebrews 12:2), Know that, there is no trial or adversity that can bind up the favour of God from manifesting in your life.

Prayer Confession: Dear heavenly Father, thank you for your covenant of favour. I have a glorious life in your Word. There is a set favour for every season of my life. I refuse to be intimidated by my circumstances. Nothing can stop me. Satan you can’t stop me! There is no condemnation to those who dwell in Christ. God has preordained my life for greatness. My weakness and those who hurt me are not big enough to stop me. I am a believer and not a doubter. My time of manifestation has come. I will prosper and live in good health. My children are marked for great things in Christ. God is for me, and no divination, spell or adversity can bind up the favour of God in my life. My time of arising is now. My season of manifestation is here. I praise you Lord for there is no limits to your favour in my life. In Jesus name. Amen.

Reflection: “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11).

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  • Ann Friend

    Amen. The favour of God is truly a beautiful thing. Great post Shade! Thanks for the reminder! Have a blessed day!

  • Hello Ann! Thanks for your encouragement! And have a wonderful day as well. God bless you 🙂

  • Lionel Sneed

    The story of Joseph is a perfect example of completely trusting and serving God through trials. The bible shows how Joseph endured hardship while helping others to see God through him. The bible doesn’t say he was resentful even when his family mistreated him, others he helped forgot him, lied on him and embarrassed him.

    Now a days we as a society are quick to reject and show contempt towards God when we experience hardship. I pray the story of Joseph and this powerful blog will change and point hearts to the one who is able to save and see us through our life journey.

  • Susan

    This was a total affirmation in my life this week. Thank you so much for the power prayer too! Praise the Lord for His unlimited favour, love and blessings!

    • Amen, all glory to God! Thanks for your comment! May the Lord’s grace continue to multiply in your life. Love and blessings in Christ 🙂


  • Amen. May the Lord open our eyes to see Him seated and exalted above all. Thank you for your comment Remain blessed in Christ!


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    Wonderful post Shade. Thanks for sharing it. The integrity of Joseph during tough times is such an inspiration.

    • Hi Andrea! I’m glad you were inspired. Thanks for your encouragement. Bless you 🙂

  • Ceil

    Hi Shade! Speak those powerful words girl! I love your last prayer. Speaking that the devil has no power over you, and you have great things planned for you. That is the Gospel truth. And it’s such Good News!
    I am with Joseph in the jail right now. I hope I’ll get cracked out of here soon, but i know God uses all things for him, so I’ll be patient.
    Hope you are having a good weekend 🙂

    • Ceil thanks for your comment!

      Patience is a great virtue, and I admire you for it. Your patience with the Lord will never go unrewarded. I pray for His perfect peace and grace to bring you through with a great testimony of His favour in Jesus name, amen. Blessings on you my friend 🙂


  • M Jernigan

    Hi Shade! As you stated, when God calls us to a task, we can expect some challenges. I sense the enemy’s frustration in the trials I have overcome. He’s trying very hard to thwart God’s plans for my life. He will not and cannot win. I am an over-comer by the blood of the Lamb and the words of my testimony!
    Many blessings to you sis!

    • Thank you Marilyn! Your comment reminds of the song “My God is awesome” by Charles Jenkins. It’s so comforting to know that God is able to move the mountains, keep us in the valley and shield us from the rain. Indeed we are over-comers and more than conquerors. Hallelujah!

      And it is well with you in Jesus name. Amen. God bless you my sister 🙂

  • Lionel Sneed

    Shade, I had to read this again because I needed some encouragement. Hope deferred does make the heart sick. I’m believing God for what He has for me in life. For now, just praying for patience to see His will and plan through. Sometimes you just want God to give you a little encouragement along the way. Hope I’m making sense.

    • Lionel thanks for reading the post again. I hope it encouraged a bit…

      I know it’s not the best of times all over the world. And it can be very painful when going through tough and difficult seasons like you are in. Hope delayed can indeed allow discouragement and confusion to set in. But I’m praying for the strength and grace to see you through to the other side, where God has set you up victory, in Jesus name.

      If it’s helpful, in prayer, I believe the Lord laid this Scripture on my heart for you, Psalm 37:23-25. Please know that i’m continuing to stand with you and your family in prayer through this season. Be encouraged in knowing that God has heard you, He is with you and working behind the scene on your behalf. My brother, don’t lose heart because you’re not forgotten. Again, many thanks. Blessings on you and family.